Crap is a game played with dice and the players wager on the roll’s outcome. The players of dice have an option of either wagering against a bank (the casino) or themselves (street craps). Since playing craps does not require a lot of equipment, one can also play street crap online in an informal setting.

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Bank craps is played by several players who bet against the casino; different casinos have different payouts when it comes to various bets. In bank craps, each player is given a turn to roll two dice; the player rolling is known as the shooter. Those who play craps on line also have an option of betting on different options and they do so by placing their chips in appropriate board sections. Also, there are times a player is asked to place a bet.

When a player is a shooter, s/he must have had made a bet on the “Don’t pass or Pass” lines (which are also at times known as “wrong and right” bets or ”don’t win and win”. When a shooter loses, s/he is replaced at that round’s end and then the dice get moved clockwise so that the next player could become the shooter at the dice table. The multiple dice “stickman” represents the shooter and then the shooter must select two for that round. Craps has got several types of wagers. Some of them are:

  • Player bets
  • Multi-roll bets
  • Single roll bets
  • Line bets

Craps Online

The popularity of craps online has grown amongst internet gaming fans in the recent years. The game has got a long history and this has enabled it cross various cultures from all over the globe. Some people may find craps somewhat intimidating when playing craps online and for those who have ever been to Vegas casinos or any other casino, you might have noticed people surrounding the dice table hollering and hooting. This is because casino dice is one of the high action, high speed games and the moment you learn how to play a craps game online, then you will understand why people get all hyped up when playing it; it is no different when playing craps on line.

How you play craps on line

When learning how to play your craps online, you will have to keep some things in mind. Online craps has been known for its intricacy having complex odds set and rules for betting, even so, it is quite easy to learn the games core aspects and as such, you should not be scared by the complexity involved when playing craps online.

When play craps online you will realize the game is outcome based and the shooter is the one who starts it off by throwing the dice set on the dice table. Once this is done, one of three things might happen. The shooter might win straight off that bat, shooter might lose straight off that bat or the shooter might neither lose nor win and in this case, the game will continue for another round of casino dice.

Some online craps terms

Online craps is the kind of game that has a combination of smart strategies for luck betting. Therefore, to understand how to play craps online, you need to be conversant with some of the rules used in craps. But first, you need to know some of the terms used when playing a game of craps online. There is “come out roll” which means the starting roll in a game or the starting roll after establishment of a point. It is what determines whether a loss or win has been made by the shooter.

The duck looking thing is what is known as the “marker” and it is the one that shows the stage of the casino dice game. If it is black and “off” then it means a point is yet to be made by the player but if it is white and reads “on” and a number has been placed on it means that is the established point by the player.

Online craps strategies

 When playing a game of craps on line, the best strategy to use is to know the bets that offer the best odds. If you choose pass line, then you have a house advantage that is low (about 1.41%). However, when compared to a seven bet (which normally has a 16.67% house advantage), the pass line is more attractive. Having a craps winning strategy is about having knowledge on the bets that offer lucrative odds payouts and you will be able to identify them when you have had enough craps online practice.
Another useful strategy is to have three covered numbers when playing craps on line. This strategy is a combination of some line bets and is a good strategy to use on your online craps game. When choosing strategies for your casino craps online game, always know that all of them have slight casino advantage, therefore, the best strategy is to go for the bets that payout best for the casino dice games.


Every craps game online promises an action packed experience. Once you learn the rules used to play craps, you will be able to join in the fun and rest assured, that is a decision you will not regret.