Backgammon is a game of strategy and skill and it is smack bang among the classic parlor games of the world. It is a firm UK family favourite and is played both for recreation and for gambling. It is usually played in pubs and coffee bars. Although it is highly popular in UK, it is believed to have its roots in Egypt, although Romans took control of it and it ended up in India! It also spread largely in East Asia (a sporadic past to say the least) but it was replaced by Chinese chess. Nowadays, it is most popular in the west and most of you in the UK will probably have seen and heard backgammon more than any other game on this site.

Traditional backgammon is played using a backgammon sets which is made up of backgammon pieces, 2 boards, backgammon board, 4 standard dice, a doubling cube, a couple of rounded dice shakers. A company called Dal Negro of Italy are one of the leaders in beautiful production backgammon sets for years now with their sets selling for hundreds of pounds. Luckily backgammon is available online for those you who want to play the game at the comfort of their homes. No expensive backgammon sets required! Backgammon online has been developed in such a way so that it is suitable for all gamblers. Unlike a few years ago, it is rare that you will need to download additional casino software to play backgammon.

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What is backgammon all about?

Besides fun, the main objective of backgammon is of course to win money – that is the main objective of entering a backgammon into games and tournaments both online and offline for the majority of players in the UK. You can increase your chances of earning money by competing with players that poker pros would class as fish. In order to increase your chances of winning at backgammon and taking home serious wedge it is a good idea to do some homework by reading constructive, educational articles about backgammon.

Playing backgammon online

Unlike slots, playing backgammon online does’t just depend on sheer luck. With backgammon you can always practice by playing backgammon for free in free mode. We can’t stress it enough – backgammon practice is the key thing. Online Backgammon pros get to where they are through practice – both online and offline backgammon practice. It is as simple as that. There really are not that many hoops to jump through. Once you are done playing backgammon for free, grab a bonus and hit the tables for example at Mr Green.

Basic rules for backgammon online

When playing backgammon online, there are some backgammon rules to take into account. Below are main rules to help you on your online backgammon journey:

  • Beavers: a player is allowed to double (beaver) as soon as they get doubled and they have to continue possessing the cube. With an obvious double, the original doublers are given the liberty for refusal or acceptance.
  • Automatic doubles: on the first roll, if identical numbers are thrown, the stake becomes a double. The cube which has doubled stays at the centre and is turned to 2. Henceforth, the players can decide to put a limit to the number of doubles that are automatic to be one for every game.
  • Jacoby rule: this rule works on speeding up plays and eliminating the type of situations where a player is allowed to play for backgammon.

Common irregularities

Backgammon online game is sometimes challenged by a few irregularities that tend to complicate the game. See below:

  • If a player rolls before his opponent completes his turn and picks up the dice, the roll of the player is voided. This rule is usually waived whenever there is a forced play and whenever the contact does not exist between the forces that are opposing.
  • When the player has picked his dice, it is considered as a complete turn.
  • The dice should be rolled in unison on a flat surface of the section of the board that is on the right hand.

Reasons for playing backgammon against computer

The reasons many people prefer to play backgammon on line against computer are outlined below.

  • Most players find it attractive. New backgammon players or new online backgammon players get interested to play backgammon against computer is because it can allow them to play without restrictions and for as long as they wish.
  • They have the opportunity to practice and sharpen their skills any time they wish. You are not required to put your bankroll at a risk and you can continue playing against the computer until you are prepared to play backgammon for real money.

What makes backgammon different when you are playing against a computer

Whenever you play backgammon against a computer, you will use the same techniques to play against a player. The only different thing is approach

  • With a computer, you are able to set the skill that suits you best.
  • A computer grants 3 levels only before you meet a challenging game.
  • With the level option for skills one is able to gauge their level compared to the other players.

How to play backgammon online

  • Backgammon online is easy and you can play at your own pace whenever you wish.
  • one can save their games
  • You are allowed to revisit your previous games and scores when you are venturing to new ones.
  • One does not need to be very cautious and can learn useful and new moves on backgammon online game.


Backgammon is one game that you do well to give a try. You could play backgammon against computer or in casinos and also as backgammon game download. With the skills and knowledge, one can easily win a lot of money.