There are plenty of new casinos to try if you like playing casino online. But better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t). What you will find is that new casinos are popping up all the time targeting all devices – desktop, mobile and tablet. The reason for this surge is that over the past few years with tech developments, multi brand thinking and white label solutions it has never been cheaper and easier to launch and run online casinos. The trouble for you are a player is that most of these new casinos actually look quite good.

Bonus 100% up to £200 or 200% up to £50

As an online casino player it can difficult to determine whether a casino is worth signing up with or not. Because there are literally hundreds to choose from all wanting a slice of the UK market we thought we would provide a section dedicated to new UK online casinos. We review the majority of new casinos and those that we feel add value to an already cluttered market we give airtime to.

We encourage you to go through our guide when you are on the hunt for a new online casino to try. That way you can be sure that the casino will keep its promises when push comes to shove.

On this page you will find our lists of new UK online casinos where it is worth taking a minute to open an account and enjoy their unique take on the casino journey. They have all been reviewed and ranked by our usual criteria and placed in a leaderboard with other casinos that are new for this year. You can easily see what bonuses they offer, and within seconds get the offer by clicking on any of our bonus links. is independent UK organisation that works to secure the best bonuses and other great promotions. The best UK bonuses for new casino sites are guaranteed!