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Fairytale Legends: Hansel And Gretel slot

Fairytale Legends: Hansel And Gretel is the new game from NetEnt that takes you back in time to when you were a child. PlayHansel And Gretel and enter fairytale land, a world where Hans and Gretal take centre stage. NetEnt have laid on beautiful graphics and there are big wins to be had when enjoying the slot. As you will find out below, there are loads of game features to discover in this Disney-themed slot. One of the bonus features reminiscent of the TV show deal or no deal where you decide when it’s time to take home your winnings or risk your pot. This is another blockbuster slot by the amazing NetEnt which feels as good as it looks on mobile/tablet and desktop.

Fairytale Legends: Hansel And Gretel – Game Features:

Stacked wild re-spins

Fairytale Legends Hansel And Gretel Stacked Wild Re-Spins is a symbol which is available on the second and fourth wheels. Also wheels one and five under a stacked wild re-spin. These can cover all 3/5 rows, ie all rows in the game field. If you get a stacked wild symbol that covers all rows, a stacked wild re-spin is triggered. Such a re-spin can also be obtained during a re-spin round. Thus, a re-spin can lead to additional re-spins. If you get a stacked wild symbol that covers all rows, this will remain in the re-spin round.

Random game functions

Fairytale Legends Hansel And Gretel has Random game Functions. After the game, you will encounter 3 different features, all of which fall under the category ‘Random game features’. All are listed below and can be triggered during a regular game round but can not be triggered during free spin rounds or under stacked wild re-spinning rounds.

Cluster Fun

Fairytale Legends Hansel And Gretel features cluster fun. The clusters are the first random game function we will review in a total of three. Clusters within the slot is a game function that creates a cluster of between 5-9 symbols in the game field. The cluster of symbols covers only the first, second and third wheels. The smallest of these wheels will always consist of 3 composite cluster symbols and have 1-3 cluster symbols on either side depending on how the cluster symbols land.

Surprise tab feature

Fairytale Legends Hansel And Gretel features an awesome surprise tab feature. The surprise tab feature is the second random play function that can be triggered. This feature is triggered by a game round that has generated a loss round. A symbol will then be selected and this will cause other symbols to be converted to the selected symbol until a win is triggered. Bonus triggers, as well as wild symbols, are disabled when the Surprise tab is enabled.

Wild spin fairy

Hansel And Gretel has Wild Spins! The third and last random play function can be triggered a bit randomly. The function can only be triggered on the first, second, fourth and fifth wheels. Once the wheels have stopped and the winnings have been paid, another stacked wild symbol will be triggered and this will continue until it stops or until symbols are over.

Below you can get a glimpse of the new slot showing how all of the above and below features appear in the game:

Bonus features

Fairytale Legends Hansel And Gretel is not short of Bonus Features. The bonus icon on the right can appear on the first, third and fifth wheels during a game round. You activate the bonus by selecting one of the 3 bonuses that can be selected on the screen and then one of three bonus features will be activated. A normal bonus, the free spin bonus and the coin win bonus are the three bonuses you can get, and we will review these in more detail below.

Candy bonus

Fairytale Legends Hansel And Gretel features Candy Bonus. When the candy bonus is activated within the game, you select 3 of a total of 15 items on the screen. All objects are hidden by a multiplier. When 3 symbols are selected, you can choose to continue with three selected items or choose three new ones. After selecting three symbols, you get the average value of the multipliers chosen, which in turn is multiplied by the win of the game round that triggered the candy bonus. The minimum possible multiplier to scoop is 1.2x and the highest is 120x. At the end of the game round, the win will be multiplied by the multiplier and generate a win.


Fairytale Legends Hansel And Gretel Free spins are the other bonus feature you can trigger. It is the free-spin bonus. Most of you will know about free spins bonuses. Basically, if you get this symbol you have just won 10 freespins rounds! Bonus symbols that occur during a free spin round generate additional free spins rounds. 1 bonus symbol generates 2 additional freespins. 2 bonus symbols generate 4 additional freespins rounds and 3 bonus symbols result in 10 additional freespins. During freespins, the bonus symbol can only land on the first, third and fifth wheel.

Coin win

Finally, Fairytale Legends Hansel And Gretel has coin win functionality. You will enjoy the coin win symbol, which is the third of a total of three different bonus features that can be selected when activating the bonus feature. Clicking on the coin win symbol means that you have won 15x the bet and this happens immediately when you get the symbol. There is no opportunity to get additional winnings after selecting the coin winnings function without always generating 15x bet as a win.


So there you have it. Now why not enjoy playing the slot for free or for real in the casino!

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