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Hall of Gods is a NetEnt produced by Viking-themed online casino game . Hall of Gods is distinguished from many other games in the same play group in that it has a total of three separate, progressively evolving jackpots. This means the player’s point of view that the goal is to always have a significantly higher than normal profits. Hall of Gods Slots reels spinning Norwegian mythology characters. The techniques will Idun Thor and Odin’s ravens as well as Python and Midgard.

In addition to a nice looking graphics have also gains. Hall of Gods is bonus game is as much as three separate jackpots. Mini split, Midi tens of thousands and Mega millions of pounds. And of course, all tax-free!

Hall of Gods is a fresh super jackpot game, but has quickly gained a relatively stable position in the most popular online gaming canon, thanks to jackpot winnings. The game is a good reason emerged as one of the most popular slot games. Below is a list of online casinos where you can play Hall Of Gods casino game :

Hall Of Gods Design

Hall of Gods game is the theme of mythology Scandinavian mythology, which is also a Marvel Comics comic has used in the past and in recent years also . In addition to mythology characters (Odin, Thor, Freya, Idun and Loki) Hall of Godsin graphic layout consists of both axes and jewelery, as well as Thor’s famous hammer. There is also a joker card Acting sea snake raises its head from time to time, allowing more graphically . Everything has been implemented very cleanly and its world of sound is generally very good level. Exceptionally weak link seems to be playing the “background music”, which may not be able to classify the music at all. Size ajani the same continuous, sultry soundtrack just grind grinding the background without any climax or a change in pace. We are grateful for the fact that the game can be played without any hardware hassle.

Hall of Gods Bonus features

Hall of Gods includes games that bet really does matter. The jackpots with small stakes considerably more likely to be at high stakes you play. Jackpots can best be accessed via a bonus game. Bonus Game can be reached when three bonus symbols on the same payline snaps. As a symbol, a bonus game is a shield and a hammer combination.

In the bonus game the player has to choose what he wants shields slams. Shields forged fun, until you reveal three matching symbols indicating the amount, just like. By derogation from this that Hall of Gods “scratching” always continue until victory. Ace-picked into this does not seem to be. A player has the chance of hitting the bonus round, instead of someone winning amount to a predetermined one of the three options to the Jackpot, when the prizes may be really generous. These jackpots can be even so abundant that back to earth to return the player needs to whack himself there with an open hand to the cheek.

Hall of Gods So there are three different sizes jackpot. These are named after the size of the pot: “Mini”, “Midi” and “Mega”. Mini Jackpot prize is usually a few hundred dollars, while the Midi Jackpot there are tens of thousands to more than £100.000. Mega Jackpot hits you want the player to win up to several millions of euros, which makes the Hall of Gods is one of the most popular casino games.

Free Spins

Free Spins offered by Hall of Godsin are just like a gift to us from ancient Nordic residents of today. The game features a fantastic casino bonuses and jackpots every player is interested in, as well as three progressively growing jackpots guaranteed to keep even the most  the player’s satisfaction and the concentration is unflagging. Best of all this is that you can enjoy for free during the registration Hall of Gods free spins.

Hall of Gods free spins will naturally increase your winning chances. Namely the Free Spins will allow you to play your intended more clearly, and the more you play, the more you can win. Hall of Gods slot game you can get free spins effortlessly through a variety of bonus offers, but best of all, you can win free spins as well as you play!

A player wins Hall of Gods free spins, if he gets out three scatter symbols. These three scatters entitled to ten free spins, four to fifteen and five Scatter allows you to enjoy up to twenty free spins! Each have played during the free spins all wins are tripled. Thanks to the Free Spins winnings, therefore, may be a considerable rise high. It goes without saying that it would be quite a waste to leave the Hall of Gods Free Spins unused, because the profits are really over multiple free spins.

Pick Win – Bonus Game

functioning Hall of Gods Pick Win under the name of the bonus game, the idea is that the player gets to break the plates, which is revealed whenever one of the winning jackpot amount or character. Three at the same time you will win the amount in question or the jackpot!

The bonus game coin moving amounts between 60 – 1500. All jackpots are possible to win for each betting level, so other than the money men can dream of a million of profits.

Since 2010, served Mega Jackpot has been won already several times. The first winner in March 2011, acknowledged the victory over EUR 2.6 million. The record of the pot, EUR 7.8 million received Betsson’s Swedish player in April 2015.

Hall Of Gods mobile

Hall of Gods can easily play mobile directly to your mobile phone browser. The game will not, at least not yet available for the actual download the mobile version, but you can play it on your phone through the traditional style of one of the online casino site, which include selection of NetEnt Games. The most commonly Hall of Gods is easy to find “slot machines” or “video slot”.

Net Entertainment’s games will be numerous mobile versioms annually. We look forward very much to the Hall of Gods Video Slot mobile app, to see the light of day as soon as possible, for example. Gonzo’s Quest mobile is already available at just awesome mobile app. Since the Hall of Gods has also achieved huge popularity among the players, we firmly believe that the mobile version also like the appearance of the game is only a matter of time.

If you have an Apple phone, internet access, you can play Hall of Gods game ever on your iPhone. However, the game still has not released actual iPhone app, but you can play any of the service provider’s website through the Party. In this way you will get the game easily on your phone and on your iPad. Different the applications are constantly a work in progress, so I hope that the product development process to bear fruit very soon.

Hall of Godsia able to play very conveniently on the Android phone or tablet form. In the past, the present was the actual mobile is under development and its appearance is likely to be just around the corner. Net Entertainment to invest more and more mobile applications and we can therefore assume that the devout waiting in the Hall of Gods in-game friends will be rewarded soon. Among other things, Google Play offers you insights into the Hall of Gods game secrets on your Android device using. We look forward to right now, like the moon rising mobile version of the game came out, so that as many players would be able to deepen their knowledge of Nordic mythology in this great adventure game will allow.


Hall of Gods drawback rate is 95.5%. It is a very good reading Hall of Gods such as high-quality slot game that offers huge progressive jackpots. However, you should keep in mind that the return rate automatically by no means at every moment to occur, because it is the actual name of your long-term theoretical calculation.

Hall of Gods Tips

Jackpots are available in the bonus game, which can be reached when you get a payline three bonus symbols next to each other. In the bonus game, you click on shields, behind which reveals either the sums of money or the jackpot signs. If you get open three of the same jackpot symbols, you win the jackpot.

How to win a big jackpot Hall Of Gods?

Mini Jackpot offers hundreds of euros in profits, Midi Jackpot euros well over one hundred thousand, and the Mega Jackpot is then a real one million pot. All pots are of course tax free and will be paid directly into your account without much of a black art, at least if we play our recommended online casinos. The jackpot win the more likely, the higher the bet to play. If you chasing the big pot, adjust your game, therefore, as high input level than what your bankroll will last.

In short, here are a few snappy wink successful playing Hall of Gods:

  • 1.) Play, because it’s fun!
  • 2.) Find the best casinos Welcome Bonus
  • 3.) If you see a bonus, take it!
  • 4.) The time owner to train freeware that you learn the rules of the game!

Now you can say that you are a Hall of Gods expert. If I waded through the entire presentation, you are not guaranteed to stop any longer – now you know the Hall of Gods game graphic with all the essentials and we hope that you are lucky enough to win every time you play Hall of Gods. Now you only need to choose the appropriate gaming site and try whether luck. Our task now is your guide to your filled. Good luck!

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